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Hi everyone. I'm still alive. Anybody still around?

Livejournal no longer allows proper editing of tables, and it kills tables in older posts like this one when one tries editing them, so the following chapter listing is sadly no longer in a proper table layout.


Progress on Hope is the Thing With Feathers

Chapter 1: The Wish -- word count: 2047 / 2047 (complete)
Chapter 2: The Long Goodbye -- word count: 5783 / 5500 (complete)
Chapter 3: Accustomed to the Dark -- word count: 5369 / 5000 (complete)
Chapter 4: New Beginnings-- word count: 4755 / 4755 (complete)
Chapter 5: The Snowy Gleam of Plenty -- word count: 7564 / 4000 (complete)
Chapter 6: Persistence of Vision -- word count: 5542 / 5000 (complete)
Chapter 7: World Enough, and Time -- word count: 2912 / 2912 (complete)
    Chapter 8: Two Halves of a Miracle    -- word count: 7092 / 7092  (complete)
                 Chapter 9 :  T    he Anatomy of Winning -- word count: 5450/ 5450      (complete)
Chapter 10: Lascivious Velvet -- word count: 8675 / ? (probably final chapter; might get split in two)

Here, you can monitor the progress of my newest Inuyasha fanfic. This way, even if I don't get to update the story very often, people know what's going on. :)

Completed chapters are marked in italics, the one that's currently in the works is marked pink, and I might write some more out of continuity now and then -- those chapters will also be marked in color.

Nov. 6th, 2010

So, I finally updated Hope is the Thing With Feathers with chapter 6. I honestly have no idea whether that chapter is a steaming pile of crap, I've rewritten it so many times, but whatever. The story's moving forward. In a completely different direction than I wanted it to (stupid story!) which probably means that just about everything I've written ahead is now so much garbage, unless I can post those bits as unrelated vignettes.

I really liked some of those bits, especially the one where Sesshoumaru managed to make flower arranging sound dirty.

We'll see.

Writing progress.

So, I wrote nearly 4000 words of fanfiction today, all for Hope. I don't want to jinx myself, but I just might finish this one eventually, since there's no complicated plot going on, just Kagome getting into increasingly embarrassing situations. As its stands, I have 30.000 words of story already written and the whole story shouldn't grow over 50.000 words.

Of course I thought this chapter wouldn't go over 4000 words and I already have 6000 written, so what do I know?


Work is winding down. I have a paper to deliver on Tuesday and I hope to do some more work on my dissertation, but it's not as crazy as it was the last two months. Which is why yesterday I finally had the chance to work on Hope again. At the moment I'm trying to get through chapter four. I've written 2600 words, and I'll have to double that at least if I want a well-rounded chapter. It's still a delight to work on this story. Even when I don't exactly know where things are going in a scene, it's exciting rather than frustrating. I hope I'll get some more time to work on it over Christmas. Oh, and the story placed second at the IYFG (3rd Quarter 2009) in the Action/Adventure category. Here's the banner, done by the lovely forthrightly :
Dear US press,

your president receives the Nobel Peace Prize and you have nothing better to do than to whinge about it?

Please die.

Sep. 22nd, 2009

Chapter 3 of Hope is the Thing with Feathers is up at FFN. It's a miracle I finished another chapter considering my schedule of the last few weeks, but I'm happy. I really like this story and now I finally get to work on the interesting chapters. Several more to go until I get to the smut, though. Alas.

Sep. 6th, 2009

I am nearly done with the third chapter of Hope. I wrote around 2500 words today. It's amazing how easily things flow when you treat writing as work instead of waiting for a muse or expecting to produce great art.

I will let the chapter sit for a day or two, then I'll have another look and polish it some. At the moment it clocks in at 4967 words, but it will grow to over 5000 before I'm satisfied. It's a bit of a transitional chapter but it's still important, and I have to be careful that I don't rush scenes just because I want to get them over with.

Aug. 20th, 2009

The word count for August has reached 14544/16000 words. Today I wrote around 900 words, yesterday around 1000 (I think), with the progress evenly divided between chapters four and five of Hope

Also, now I know exactly what the jewel did to Kagome, and Sesshoumaru finds out for sure in chapter five -- most of which Kagome spends in an abject state of embarrassment, poor girl. And I sort of know what Sesshoumaru was up to in Greece, and what happened the time he thought he had an appointment with a houri, only to be captured by a witch princess instead. Good times.

More fanfic progress.

Worked some more on Hope today. I wrote 1146 words of chapter four (which is not the one I should be working on right now). My progress on chapter three, meanwhile, looks something like this:


Sesshoumaru: "I heard you were dying. Of consumption. Had I known my absence would affect you so, I would have thrown you over my shoulder and carried you off to my lair insisted you accompany me right away."

Kagome (embarrassed): "Oh god. Who told you…" (turns to friends) "You planned this! Traitors!"

Miroku (placatingly): "Now, now, Kagome-sama…"

Kagome: "I'm not consumptive! I'm just a little depressed!" (to Sesshoumaru:) "And it's definitely not because of your absence, you insufferable egomaniac!"

Miroku: "Come, Kagome-sama, a youkai of Sesshoumaru-sama's great power is entitled to a big… ego. Aaanyway, now that Sesshoumaru-sama's here, you can go back with him to his beautiful fortress. I'm sure you'll perk right up in his esteemed company."

Kagome: "Did everybody know he was coming?"

Sango (sheepish): "Not everybody…"

Inuyasha: "Stop making such a fuss. The asshole came down all the way here. He even brought the brat. The least you can do is go back with him so I can bone Kikyo properly again. She's a lot kinkier when you're not around."

Kagome: "I want my mama."


As you can see, this chapter will be a while. Although I just might keep some of the dialogue.

P.S. I made an icon. That's how serious I am about this story.