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And I didn't think it was important...

Things that happened during these last three weeks while I tried desperately to finish my thesis:

  • the system on my (two months old) home computer crashed in the middle of work. It was system installation No. 31 which I had spent a whole week getting right because my SATA hard disk is on the bleeding cutting edge of technology, which means WinXP had no idea how to handle it without a serious registry adjustment. The final installation had worked perfectly for nearly two months, by the way -- until it crashed without warning. So I cried a little and installed Windows again, cursing all the while.
  • Next day: the power supply went bang -- it even smoked a little. It had been making strange noises since the previous day, but I thought it was the cooling fan. It obviously wasn't. Obviously, I also lost some work.
  • I cried some more, then started planning the purchase of a new adapter and a normal drive I could use for a new system installation.
  • The day after, I transferred most of my work to the laptop. The laptop promptly got a virus. Spent two days getting rid of it without compromising data.
  • Worked nearly a week without incident... then the server the thesis repository was on crashed without warning -- hardware failure, and the hard drive to boot. Lost another day's work. Spent next day configuring the backup server and salvaging data.
  • Worked another three days without incident.
  • Today, the brand spankin' new 22" monitor I have at work died on me with a pathetic little flash. Spent two hours looking for a replacement. Was nearly in tears -- it could have been the GPU, and that would have been infinitely much worse.

Still, I'm starting to get slightly paranoid, not to mention neurotic.

The deadline is still on the 30th, but I'll probably push it to the 7th since I don't fancy a heart attack at such a young age.


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Jun. 25th, 2004 04:15 pm (UTC)
You haven't angered anyone near you that know Voodoo or something, have you? Yikes. *pats* I feel a bit pain just THINKING about that stuff happening. >
Jun. 25th, 2004 04:19 pm (UTC)
Not that I know of... (<-- is currently trying to drown her worries with diet coke and bad Inuyasha fanfiction.)
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