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Obnoxious and completely unnecessary meme.

The Random Vorkosigan Fanfic Generator by minor_ramblings
Pen Name/Username
Favourite Vorkosigan Book
Planet of Residence
Pairing (If Desired)Donna Vorrutyer/Ivan Vorpatril
Random Object Used In PlotA uterine replicator
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Mmm, Ivan.

Methinks I'll have to reread either Cetaganda or A Civil Campaign, but that won't quench the need for Ivan smut.

Alas, there is no Ivan fiction anywhere (none where he gets laid by anyone other than Byerly Vorrutyer that is)! I feel cheated.

Hm. Am just now starting to realize that my flist has no idea at all what I'm talking about... Just ignore me, flist. I've got nothing interesting to say anyway.