technoelfie (technoelfie) wrote,

#426401 +(627)- [X]

Crac|ked: So anyway my girlfriend came over last night and like i was playing CS and not paying her any attention,
Crac|ked: so like she silently slid under my desk and undid my pants and gave me oral -
Crac|ked: to cut a long story short after i was done, she looked up at me and said:
Crac|ked: "You do realise i just gave you a geeks fanatasy - CS and a blow-job!"
RoCkYTrAiL: lol.
JimmyBoy: I don't think that's a good fantasy...
JiveHut: FAG!!!
RoCkYTrAiL: fag!
Treader: homo
JimmyBoy: :(
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