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The usual nonsense.

Have just seen the trailer for Sin City... Can't wait to see it in the cinemas. I adore Clive Owen. The Fantastic Four also looks good, mainly because of Ioan Gruffudd and Jessica Alba.

In anime news, Bleach's Urahara is my new budding obsession. He reminds me of Kakashi for some reason. Oh, and Ishida could be Jin's younger brother. I already argued with hardlyfatal about who gets to keep who... and she transparently tried to foist Ishida on me so she could keep Jin for herself. As if I'd ever fall for that kind of thing.

In yet other news, I tried to paint after weeks of abstinence. What came out was complete and utter crap because I just couldn't concentrate. So, I'm back to my 5-minute hobby -- expect a shitload of icons in the near future.
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