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Fan-funded 5th season of Enterprise?

While Enterprise is not my favourite series, it's still one of the few sci-fi series currently on tv and still quite good in a slightly stale, star-trekky way. Obvoiusly that wasn't good enough -- the series won't be renewed for a fifth season.

However, some fans are obviously not prepared to accept this. They've started a campaign which (as far as I know) is unique so far: they are going to try and raise enough funds to finance the production of a complete new season! If this goes through, it would be the first time in television history that a series has been produced entirely through fan support.

While I'm not a die-hard fan, I am going to throw some money their way, if only because I really want to see what happens. Donations are not possible yet, but information on the campaign can be found here: TrekUnited.

I'm really, really wondering whether this can go through. I really hope it does, because I'm sure it has the potential to change the whole way tv series are done.