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Doodle news.

Did four new pencil sketches today. I promised myself I'll work much more with natural media because you're not allowed to make mistakes, or at least not that many. You can't just push layers around on paper, and I think I need the restriction, the additional discipline. It forces me to pay more attention to what you're doing.

Anyway, I threw the first two sketches away because they were absolutely horrid. The third one was a naked Renji (Bleach) and I messed up the proportions somewhat but I finished it anyway and filed it away. His hands turned out okay, and his face and legs were okay too. The last pic I did is one of Urahara (Bleach again) with sunglasses and his hair pulled back in a ponytail. That one was a five minute sketch and it turned out wonderfully from the start.

I'd love to slap some watercolors on that one, but for that I'd need a scanner. *sigh* I think I'll really have to buy one in a few months.


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Jun. 25th, 2005 03:30 pm (UTC)
Sounds like things are going ok for you artistically. Are we going to see these sketches or are they just for you? ;-) Yes, get a scanner. It sounds like something that would be good since you start your art with pencil + paper.
Jun. 25th, 2005 03:38 pm (UTC)
I definitely plan to scan the Urahara sketch as soon as I visit a friend who has a scanner or something. Dunno about the Renji one though. :)
Jun. 25th, 2005 05:44 pm (UTC)
Mm, Renji. And, ♥Urahara♥? I will BUY you a scanner if it means we get to see beponytailed ♥Urahara♥. [nod] Ok, so I won't. Can't afford it. But I would if I could!
Jun. 26th, 2005 02:56 pm (UTC)
I hope I'll get to use the scanner at work for ♥Urahara♥ in a week or so. *wibbles* I'd buy one myself, only I don't have the money because I just ordered a digital camera. I don't have a camera at all, and I needs it for reference photos. ^_^ So I'll buy the scanner and printer towards the end of the year or something.
Jun. 26th, 2005 03:06 pm (UTC)
I have just begun the process of downloading ALL the scanlations of Bleach because I can't have missed ANY framed of ♥Urahara♥, just in case there are some that haven't been put online already. If I find new ones, you want me to send them to you?
Jun. 26th, 2005 10:38 pm (UTC)
If you do, please, go ahead! I'm particularly interested in that Radio Kon interview with ♥Urahara♥. *hopeful*
Jun. 25th, 2005 08:16 pm (UTC)
Naked Renji eh? You tease! :P
Jun. 26th, 2005 02:54 pm (UTC)
Yep, that's me. :D I slapped on some bandages around his hips at the last minute because I was getting horny cold feet. ^^;
Jun. 26th, 2005 02:08 am (UTC)
Seriously I think I will go out and buy you that scanner, haha I would LOVE to see those sketches. ♥
Jun. 26th, 2005 02:58 pm (UTC)
We do have one at work, but I can only use it very rarely because it's in the boss's office. :/
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