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Have worked on thesis all day and won a few interesting theoretical insights. Am less inclined to shoot myself.

Also, I got Eclipse to load my LaTeX thesis project using a spiffy new plugin, so now I have easy file and CVS management. It's amazing how easy writing suddenly is now that I don't have to load every single file into Emacs and compile by hand in the ugly, ugly console. I just realized I'm almost happy.

Which leads me to believe that computer scientists are strange, and I'm no exception. Or should I say geeks in general? Hm.

Also, I need new icons.

Will. Not. Get. Distracted. Again.

Will also (wo?)manfully refrain from rushing off to finish the Renaissance!Kakashi picture just because I've spent a few hours (well, ten or so) on my thesis, but anyway, it was only a few hours compared to the time I should have spent on it during the last three months but didn't -- like, every waking minute. *mentally adds lack of discipline to lack of icons*


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Mar. 30th, 2004 05:18 pm (UTC)
Renaissance!Kakashi is teh hottness but at the risk of being pedantic, I feel compelled as a costuming and history geek to say that while the outfit you've rigged him in is really well done, it's not remotely renaissance-- late 18th, early 19th century is more like it. Renaissance is 15th -16th centuries.

Apart from that, yum. I've always been partial to early Empire clothing styles... how about you slap a high-waisted Grecian-style gown on one of your anime girlies? Talk about culture shock.
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