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I've decided that I'm going to remove my other journal cum homepage. I'll still use the space on my uni account to store larger images I want to link to, but that's all. With any luck nothing will remain to link me to this.

*must use access control lists* That's really the only reason for using that buggy, leak-infested Solaris. I'm sure of that.

Curse those nosy students... But considering the only thing I'm motivated to write is smut (one needs some sort of release after all), and I'd really like to post it somewhere even though it has no merit and is junk anyway... well, I need to keep it far away from nasty students.


That's the trouble with studying computer science -- there are entirely too many guys who want to be my friends. And take me out. And grope. *shudders*

Groping is seriously no fun if it isn't mutually... desired.