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Finally, I'm getting a handle on Serendipity. I've scrapped the original plot outline; the new direction is a lot more vague but also a great deal more exciting, at least to me.

The upside is that I'm itching to write; the downside is that I'm also itching to rewrite already posted chapters so that they fit the current plotline better. I've reread them and they feel choppy, all over the place. It bothers me.

Nevertheless, moving on is probably my best bet for now. Just keep writing and I'll get a feel for flow eventually. If [insert deity here] willing, I might even learn to vary my sentence structure.

Stranger things have happened.

My writing skills aside, I think I'm finally getting a feel for Kakashi. I never had the least idea what makes him tick--I'm quite sure I started Serendipity out of sheer curiosity, and now it's actually paying off.