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NaNo Day 20.

Started out the day with 20114 words, am now at

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
22,386 / 50,000

I have a few hundred more to go before I reach my goal for the day, which is 2750 words. That's because I've been a slacker during week two, so in order to actually reach 50000 on November 30th, I'll have to write close to 3000 words every day until then.

That'll teach me, I guess. :)

I'm still having to force myself to write the uninteresting scenes as well as those that are really challenging. There's a lot of exposition to go through and I'm struggling to weave it in without dropping anvils all over the place, but it's hard.

I'm also worried about pacing. After the breakneck pace of the beginning chapter, most of what I've written after seems too slow, too uninvolved. I keep telling myself that now is not the time for finetuning. I need to see the whole bonsai tree before I start chopping off twigs here and there, as it were.

The lack of quality in my writing and the repetitiveness of introspection bothers me a lot more. However, I can't get better if I don't write instead of just planning and plotting, so I'm taking it in stride, or at least trying to. The inner editor is always there, making fun of me.

I suppose that's why painting is a lot more fun. I might be unsatisfied with my skill level, but I can still completely immerse myself in the process, so the work on a painting is largely a joyful experience. I'm not there yet when it comes to writing. Still, it's better now. Sometimes I get zenny moments of inspiration when the words just flow, and that's definitely something worth working for.