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Jun. 6th, 2007

Currently in the process of reorganizing my life. My current job is running out, and I'm going through the process of securing a three-year extension. In fact, the extension is already approved. However, the personnel guy responsible for setting up the contracts (meaning he fills in one's name and the duration of the contract on a preexisting form) is notorious for misplacing people's forms, forgetting about contracts altogether, and generally hating paperwork. Which means I'm not as calm about all this as I'd like to be.

In the next three years I want to get my Ph.D. So far, I haven't been as disciplined about writing that thesis as I should have been, but that's changed this year and I'm hoping it's going to get even better before the year runs out. I really wish I had students to do the programming work for me, though. And the grading. I love teaching, but I really dislike grading.