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Of Time Lords and wrinkly faces

I liked the Doctor Who finale very much. Looking back, I liked most of this season quite a bit -- certainly a lot more than the second one, even though Ten was very much a prick for most of it. We got Martha, which was a good thing all around, Shakespeare, the wonderful Blink and Gridlock and even a most entertaining visit by Captain Jack, who was wonderful in season one but used to bore me silly in that mediocre piece of junk called Torchwood.

I still dislike RTD. I thinks he's not too bad at creating characters but once they're there he loses control of them pretty quickly, and then keeps trying to push them back into the original mold, with pretty bad results. Martha's 'unrequited crush' on the Doctor throughout the season was the kind of idée fixe that might have started out logical, but became increasingly hard to sustain the more the season progressed.

Martha is a strong character who doesn't have it in her to be petty (the way she was written to be whenever Rose was mentioned), and who wouldn't nurse an unrequited crush when it was very clear that her feelings would never be returned. She was uniquely qualified to act as conscience to the Doctor -- specifically Ten, whose delusions of godhood made him unlikeable and just plain wrong on several occasions this season. Instead, we get a Martha who's overall very mature and capable, but who has the huge blind spot of pretty much unconditional adoration for Ten. Worse, she clings to the hope of a relationship long past the point when it's clear there's never going to be anything beyond friendship. Even if it were to happen, this Doctor would be the kind of self-involved asshat boyfriend who would always take, never giving back anything of value. And it doesn't fit. Martha's no doormat. She just doesn't have it in her.

I think that's one of the reasons I liked this final episode so much: it has Martha finally being herself -- both in general and specifically where the Doctor is concerned. She leaves him, but she absolves him of all his crimes at the same time. He never shared himself with her, not really, and still she understands him better than Rose ever did. I still maintain that Nine was Rose's Doctor and she stayed with Ten becuase he was the closest thing to Nine she could ever have. That's another story, though.

Oh, and the face of Boe thing? Genius, even though I was sure it was a throwaway line before watching the Confidential. Still, it was fun. It even fits in a weird sort of way.