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Nov. 6th, 2010

So, I finally updated Hope is the Thing With Feathers with chapter 6. I honestly have no idea whether that chapter is a steaming pile of crap, I've rewritten it so many times, but whatever. The story's moving forward. In a completely different direction than I wanted it to (stupid story!) which probably means that just about everything I've written ahead is now so much garbage, unless I can post those bits as unrelated vignettes.

I really liked some of those bits, especially the one where Sesshoumaru managed to make flower arranging sound dirty.

We'll see.


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Nov. 7th, 2010 03:16 am (UTC)
This story has taken a definite turn to the dark side, but it's still EXTREMELY good. Convoluted, mysterious, angsty, but GOOD. I'm enjoying every minute of it, even if it's not all seduction and games. I'm quite looking forward to seeing where you go with it, whenever you have the time to devote to it!!
Nov. 25th, 2010 06:14 pm (UTC)
I love it!
Just a little encouragement, so you keep writing. This story is amazing which is why I've been following since the beginning. The level of detail and intense character work-up makes it easy and a pleasure to read. My only complaint is how long I have to wait in between chapters, but I guess I can't rush the creative process. Looking forward to the rest!
Tao Herzig
Dec. 15th, 2010 01:03 pm (UTC)
Well now
I'm so glad to see an update.
Reading your story is just like enjoying a good meal. And I just want more of it!

The current development isn't to my liking as the previous chapters were, but I still love reading your story, and I hope things will turn out for the better between them @_@.

The way you write is captivating. =)

I wonder when you'll post new art? I miss seeing stuff from you..
Though you probably must be very busy.

*Shall wait patiently to view your creative writing and painting* :3
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